This is the reason why Malta is the Island of Impunity ….

As I always say, we all know that Malta isn’t a normal country. There’s nothing normal in being “cool and relax” about a journalist being killed, in allowing an individual to build a fuel station in an ODZ land and not giving a toss about it and it’s definitely not normal for a Democratic country to have one of it’s ministers and it’s Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff with a company in Panama while the Prime Minister is rubbing shoulders with an alleged criminal in his small private wedding in Venice. No these things aren’t normal!

Do you know why these things have been normalised in Malta? Do you know why we have grown to accept this level of sleaziness? Do you know why Malta is fast becoming the Island of Impunity? It’s because we have people like this everywhere you look;

Yes, it’s the ignorance of such people that allow the powers-that-be to do whatever they want. It’s these kind of people that will continue voting the same way they always voted no matter what the Government does!