The whole country is watching what’s happening while One TV airs cooking show

It’s surreal and definitely can’t even be explained! While the whole country is watching what’s happening at the Court in Valletta, for One TV it seems that its business as usual and they are airing a lovely cooking show.

This is how much One TV really cares for justice. It’s very evident that the Labour Party is trying its utmost best to make their supporters forget that the most powerful person in the Labour Party since 2008, Joseph Muscat’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri is today being dragged to court being arraigned with money laundering and corruption amongst other things.

The Labour Party’s news portal, One News; also tries to hide the fact that Keith Schembri is today being arraigned.

The headlines on is the following.

Full article here:

To make it worse, the name Keith Schembri can’t be seen anywhere on this article! Surreal. No other way to describe it.

Meanwhile other well respected newspapers and portals are all on the same narrative;

Net News –
Times of Malta:
The Malta Independent:
Maltatoday –
Lovin Malta –