Teleworking – We can do it so much better!

Over the last few months we all had time to think about ways and means how we can combat the COVID-19 pandemic in this country. We had measures put in place and removed and put in place once again. No proper strategy could be read from the way measures were implemented and removed as when we had a few measures we saw the government panicking and going into a partial lockdown, yet we had to wait until we had 510 cases to see the same measures implemented even though we had seen cases increase at a steady pace since before Christmas. Yet today I am not here to criticise or praise the government, I am here to share some ideas on how we can make teleworking better!

Teleworking :- We heard a lot about teleworking and I know that many companies are trying their utmost best to facilitate their employees to work from home, yet we can do this much better.

Government entities should transfer EVERYTHING online. This is not easy but it surely can be done. We live in 2021 and the future and today the present, is online. Move everything on the internet and make it easy for the public to access the services. All customer facing offices will then be closed and anything that requires signatures will be done via virtual signatures online. There is sophisticated software that is free to use for the end user that allows documents to be signed back and forth between customer and provider and this will rid us of the need to meet for signatures. Apart from that every booking that needs to be done nowadays can surely be done online. With more effort, A LOT OF PROGRAMMING OUTSOURCING and project management, this can be achieved. The advantage is that once all this is implemented, we can definitely continue using most of it when things return to normality

Private companies :- This is more complicated because every company’s needs differ from another, however we need to see better incentives to incentivise companies to move online. Earlier last year the government introduced some incentives this way however these need to be better! Give clearer benefits to private companies for every employee that they help to work from home. Give vouchers that can be used at IT shops to by laptops/tablets etc to give to employees to work from home, give tax rebates to any company that introduce new systems to reduce the amount of staff in their office by over a big percentile. There is so much more we can do and if we work together this can be achieved.

Professionals :- Lawyers, notaries, architects etc; basically all the professionals that make the world go round! They need assistance to be able to operate online. If we are to go fully online we need to have a change in certain laws in the country especially when it comes to signing contracts, promises of purchases etc. Once the laws are in place than there should be enough governmental incentives to encourage every professional to move their operation online. Just as incentivising private companies, professional people should also get the same benefit.

Preparing for the new normal

Even if we don’t yet know all the ways how, the future of work will be different. It is already clear that it brought about a mind-set shift that allows people to view remote work as a ‘new normal’ rather than an occasional opportunity.

As staff transition to remote work, both in response to the pandemic and beyond, there are structural changes that now need to be addressed.