Since AUM is a failure, can we please save Zonqor?

Without any doubt the supposedly American and supposedly University in Malta AUM is a failure. Anyone that read the article on the Times of Malta and the in-depth report on Lovin Malta can easily make up his own conclusion that this was a failed experiment. Things unfortunately don’t always work out and this is clearly one of those experiments that failed and failed big time.

Two years ago, during the furore and the encouraging and important civil backlash that the Government got when it was announced that Zonqor would be forever tainted in order to accomodate for the AUM, Minister Bartolo said that the AUM will accomodate 1,000 students in its first year and will steadily grow to accomodate around 4,000 students in the long run. Yesterday in Parliament, the same minister Bartolo said that he will rather see a slow and steady growth at the AUM.

Slow but steady sure, all fine but when you plan for 1000 students and you have 15, thats not slow and steady, but thats the result of grave incompetence and a failure for the project to even start. As an Education Minister he should be more worried than trying to find excuses for the inventible death of the project.

As former PN leader Dr Simon Busuttil said in a tweet on Sunday, the Government should immediately consider repossessing the pristine ODZ land in Zonqor and enure that it remains as it is today, pristine virgin land.

With the situation as it is today its very evident that the only use that the AUM have for Zonqor is to build apartments, hotels and other buildings in order to use for other purposes rather than education. This is definitely not acceptable and the government must issue a statement that this will not be the case.

Another interesting concept in this saga is one that was brought up by PN Leader Dr. Adrian Delia yesterday in parliament.

Dr Delia said that since the AUM is failing to attract the desired amount of students, the Government should also explore other avenues to attract different colleges and education institutions to make use of the building in Cospicua. This way we won’t have another abandoned building in the heart of Cospicua when it can be utilised in a much better way.

To conclude, it’s very important that we, as Maltese citizens remain consistent in our questioning! Dear Government, since AUM is a failure, can we please save Zonqor?