Robert Abela, you were the Prime Minister’s consultant when Keith Schembri was Chief of Staff.

In a bid to distance himself from Keith Schembri, this morning Prime Minister Robert Abela said that during his leadership Keith Schembri isn’t even a Labour Party member. However he forgot to mention that in the same government, Robert Abela was Joseph Muscat’s consultant while Keith Schembri was the Chief of Staff.

Lets we forget. Keith Schembri and Robert Abela were in the same inner circle led by Joseph Muscat and together they discussed the most important decisions that needed to be taken.

No one believes Robert Abela that Keith Schembri is no longer involved in the Labour Party. They were politically baptised and raised together under the leadership of Joseph Muscat and together they held top roles during the latter’s leadership. So much that when Joseph Muscat was made to resign his seat, Robert Abela jumped at the possibility to be a Prime Minister of continuation. (Remember this? His words not mine!)

Since he’s a Prime Minister of continuation, Robert Abela can’t pick and choose. He needs to take the good with the bad and the bad is certainly there for everyone to see.


Robert Abela is not fooling anyone when he tries to distance himself from Keith Schembri. They worked together shoulder to shoulder. There’s only two scenarios which excuses Robert Abela from knowing what Keith Schembri was doing. That he’s either naive or else … I don’t even want to write it down!