United we stand ….

Within the next two months the Partit Nazzjonalista will embark on a new journey. A new journey that is already being prepared as we speak. This journey will ultimately lead to the 2022 General Election where the new PN leader will supposedly go up head to head against the new PL leader. This election ultimately isn’t just an election where we will be electing the PN leader, however we will be electing the potential next Prime Minister of this country.
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Our values …

In the last few days I’ve been receiving many messages from different people, both coming form a PN background however also from those coming with a PL background, more to that I also received various messages from people that up until now I have never heard them talking about anything political thus obviously I gave their feedback a lot of weight because I believe that these people come with a fresh mind that hasn’t been conditioned by any of the political parties and that means that their feedback is very important too!

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The leader we want …

As summer officially opens we will now see things slow down in this beautiful country and finally the political tension will start to disseminate hopefully for many years to come (make that two years since we’ll have the European Parliament Elections and the Local Council’s elections in exactly two years’ time.) As things calm down it will surely be an interesting period for Parit Nazzjonalist since after the electoral drubbing it suffered all the senior leaders of the party offered their resignation which automatically will kick-start an internal election to elect a new leader. Read More