Maltese government bans anti-Mafia senator from investigating

The Maltese government instructed the Italian government to stop Catanese Senator Mario Michele Giarruso from visiting Malta from Monday as part of the team from a fact-finding mission of the Italian anti-mafia commission.

Senator Mario Michele Giarruso asked for Joseph Muscat’s government’s resignation after failing to protect the life of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. While in kind response, the Maltese government asked that he is not allowed to visit because you know, it’s more convenient that way.
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Updated – While democracy lies in tatters, we’re surrounded with this!

Our country’s democracy lies in tatters, there’s no doubting that. Journalists are the 4th pillar of democracy and this week, with the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia we sustained an attack on our democracy. While our country is going through it’s darkest moments some people are actually celebrating. Here’s a collection of sickening posts that I came across over the last days. If you come across any of more please feel free to send me updates by email on or on WhatsApp at +356 79244924.

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Dear World, we’re sorry!

Dear World,

We know that you’re watching our country at the moment. We apologise for the sheer incompetence of our Police Commissioner. I’m sure that he would have preferred to be anywhere else rather than faced by the media (maybe at a fenkata?) however when you’re paid to be a yes man, when the boss above says jump you have to answer ‘how high?”.


The Maltese people

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