Where were you when #OccupyJustice were labeled prostitutes?

Paul Borg Olivier, being the outspoken individual he is, got into another online controversy when he spoke about Julia Farrugia Portelli’s body language and lack of protocol during #OccupyJustice’s meeting with the Prime Minister.

Immediately after his post PL’s women’s group Nisa Laburisti immediately replied and accused Paul Borg Olivier of bullying. In all fairness and in agreement with them, I don’t believe that it was an appropriate comment and it’s certainly not something that I agree with.

None the less, we’ve heard a lot about freedom of speech lately and I’m not going to tell anyone not to write anything, however as always when you write something prepare (and expect) to get a reply. Paul Borg Olivier got his reply from Nisa Laburisti and I have a simple question to ask Nisa Labursiti based on this controversy.

Can you kindly tell us where were you when the Government’s consultant and former GWU’s chief Toni Zarb called #OccupyJustice prostitutes? Can you tell us why you remained silent and let a group of women to be demeaned, offended and insulted based solely on their gender?

Since I mentioned this case it’s good to note that Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli immediately condemned such a remark by Toni Zarb.

Paul Borg Olivier also replied to Nisa Laburisti’s comment as follows;

“My comment was in no way one of intimidation or bullying. It was an observation and a fair comment based on facts as clarified in a reply to the comments made by Julia Farrugia herself. Footage clearly showed Julia Farrugia in a very uncomfortable position, like all the rest, also taking Owen Bonnici’s place in protocol, possibly to favour the Prime Minister in having two women sit by his side.”