The murderous gang involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

Thanks to Net News and their amazing team yesterday we had the opportunity to witness at first hand what was going on in Marsa, at the courts and also at Kordin.

When George Degiorgio (Ic-Ciniz), his brother Alfred Degiorgio (Il-Fulu) and their friend Vince Muscat (Il-Kohhu) stood in the dock they denied the accusations against them and were swiftly denied and taken to Kordin where they will be held until the case proceeds.

This is the list of accusations against the three as published by Lovin Malta

The police believe they have rock solid evidence against these three men, but there is as yet no word at all about their motives. Caruana Galizia never wrote about any of them. This obviously led to the suspicions that they might have been commissioned by someone else. Someone else that till today we have no idea who he/she/they might be.

Today we also found out who the other 7 men arrested are. All 7 have been released on police bond pending further investigation. They are; Adrian Agius and his brother Robert Agius, Miguel Caruana, Sandro Cilia, Jamie Vella, Anton Cachia, and Rudy Camilleri.

Adrian Agius

Daphne Caruana Galizia had written about Adrian Agius. He was the business partner of Ryan Schembri – the former owner of More Supermarkets who fled Malta with his family in 2014 to escape loan sharks to whom he had owed millions of euro. Ryan Schembri is the cousin of Keith Schembri, the chief of staff of Prime Minister.

Caruana Galizia wrote three blogposts about Adrian Agius – all dated 12th October 2014. Which can be read here, here and here. In one post, Daphne cited how his father Raymond Agius, a smuggler, was shot in the head at the Butterfly Bar in Birkirkara in 2008, Adrian Agius himself had commented on one of the posts. A comment which Daphne posted in another blog here.

Robert Agius

Adrian’s brother Robert was never mentioned by Daphne Caruana Galizia however from a quick online search one can find this article. There’s also this article that might be attributed to him, however I can’t verify if it’s the same individual. There’s also this one here.

Raymond Agius, Robert and Adrian’s father was murdered at the Butterfly Bar, Birkirkara when two men wearing crash helmets arrived on a motorcycle, one of them firing a pistol in the head

No information was found on the other 5; Anton Cachia, Miguel Caruana, Sandro Cilia, Jamie Vella and Rudy Camilleri, however Lovin Malta confirms that they all have links in the same gang.

As part of the same gangland murder spree; yesterday it was also remarked that one of the 3 accused with Daphne’s murder; Vince Muscat known as ‘il-Kohhu’ was shot three times in the head, losing sight in his right eye, while out on bail for the failed HSBC heist of 2010. Jonathan Pace, owner of Tyson Butcher, was subsequently charged with Muscat’s attempted murder. In August 2014 The Tyson Butcher owner was himself assassinated in a drive-by shooting in Fgura, shortly after being released on bail. Pace was hit by a burst of automatic fire from an assault rifle, while smoking a cigarette on his balcony.