Michelle Muscat wins Volunteer of the Year Award.

How lovely, while we were busy going through one online news portal after another to keep abreast of the recent arraignments in court; The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat informed us that his wife just won the Volunteer of the Year award.

There isn’t any doubt that the Marigold Foundation are doing an excellent job, but isn’t it taking it a bit too far by awarding Michelle Muscat the volunteer of the year award? Volunteering is deeply rooted in Malta’s way of life. Everywhere we look at we see great people that dedicate their lives solely for others. There are a lot of NGO’s that each of them include many great people that normally work in silence without seeking any public recognition.

In my personal opinion awarding such an award to a politician, or to a politician’s immediate relative isn’t the right way to do things. If anything this can dishearten those that have worked in silence all their long and create a feeling of glamorising volunteer work that might in the end of the day deter people from volunteering.

Here’s to all those that work in silence in the many NGO’s out there. You’re all heroes!