Merry Christmas…… here’s another ODZ fuel station.

Lovely! Just as the whole country is gearing up in well wishes, love, chocolates and all things merry; our very own Planning Authority just gave us all the finger and approved a new fuel station on ODZ land.

The development will take up around 1,500 square metres of agricultural land on Triq Sant’ Antnin, opposite the Family Park and the Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant, and includes a back office, shop, two garages and VRT and car services facilities. All the required elements to build up an awesome business venture.


Studies carried out by the ERA, which objected to the application, concluded that the project was likely to have environmental impacts even after mitigation measures were put in place, yet it was still approved none the less.

However, these concerns were ignored by the Planning Directorate, which said the chosen site, compared to the alternatives, offered “the most compliant and adequate location for the proposed development”.

Thank you, we can now be happy that another piece of ODZ land is going to be raped once and for all because it’s the most compliant and adequate location for the proposed development.

As far as I know if something is the least wrong thing, it still makes it wrong. Or am I wrong here too?

More information about this application here.