MEP hopeful & Prime Minister’s aide apologises …. but is it enough?

Labour MEP hopeful and Prime Minister’s communications aide Josef Caruana has publicly apologised for suggesting on social media that the family of late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was somehow involved in her assassination last October.

This isn’t the first time that Josef Caruana had an outburst on social media. Just two weeks ago he was pushing forward a petition to have Archbishop Mgr Charles Scicluna removed.

Yesterday morning, Josef Caruana posted the following on his Facebook and Twitter profiles and than he shared them in the Facebook group ran by Castille-paid bullies so that he can ignite a conversation based on conspiracy theories that doesn’t do him or the office he works for any justice.

As expected, a barrage of insults in the comments section followed. This was all provoked by Josef himself as that was the only reason why he shared this disgusting post in the cesspit of hate ran by people which are paid to insult and intimidate those that oppose the Government and offer jobs to their members.

This post was immediately met with strong reactions by the Caruana Galizia family and anyone else that works for the prevalence of justice;

Fast forward a few hours and when Josef Caruana realised that his disgusting conspiracy theory didn’t go down too well so he issued a half baked apology.

I commented the following underneath Josef’s “appology”;

How can I say it politely. You can stick this half-baked apology. You’re not a journalist, you’re not Mr. Joe Random but you’re a political appointee for the Prime Minister.

The only reason you have your job is because you breathe loyalty to your master and not based on any qualifications whatsoever. When you speak you’re speaking on behalf of the role you occupy because that’s who you are. If the shoes you’re wearing are too heavy for you and you don’t want to walk the walk, please do us all a favour and step aside and let the right people to do their job.

You’re responsible for every word you say and every word you say is a direct reflection to the person that appointed you. Whether you do an amazing job or the contrary it will reflect on your master and you don’t get to back away from your own words and say that they don’t belong to the role that you represent. They do Josef, we all know that they do!

In my personal opinion this isn’t an apology. This is Josef Caruana distancing himself from his own words. This can’t be done because he was the one that wrote these words and no one wrote them for him.

Josef Caruana is now aspiring to be one of Malta’s MEPs after the next round of European Parliament elections next year. How can we have someone that believes that Daphne’s family killed their own mother/wife representing our country in the European Union?

This is not on. I expect the Prime Minister to take action about this and until he does, it’s very obvious that Joseph Muscat is making Josef Caruana’s disgusting statement his own.