Maltese families are feeling the pinch of increased Utility Bills

We are all being overcharged in our Water & Electricity bills. This is no longer a myth but it’s been proven by various sources. Have a read here, here and here. Unfortunately we faced a situation where in the last years although families were being blatantly stolen and overcharged; those which are normally vociferous (and rightly so) for every penny that is taken away from them realised that they can no longer complain, because all of a sudden the Government that they loved to hate so much has changed and now it was their political party which is in power. Thus they decided to swallow their anger and pay their bills.

This led to an unprecedented situation were although the utility prices superficially decreased, in real life they weren’t decreased as advertised but were just being calculated differently thus resulting in an inflated overall bill. At the back of all this, the “Muscat il-Kink”, “l-aqwa ┼╝mien hijjjjj” chanters remained tight lipped, because obviously they wouldn’t dare speaking a word against their kink. U ma tarax hi!?

Yet, theres one thing that people love more than their political party and that’s their own pocket. After all let’s face it. Most of those that flip/flop between one political party and another don’t do it for values sake, but they do it because they’re going to financially benefit from the political party they vote. Let’s be honest here, both Maltese Political Parties are quite centrists and surely don’t differ a lot in their core principles. The only different aspect is in the way they do things. The Nationalist Party pays much more attention to its core values while the┬áLabour Party would be willing to sell their own soul for a few extra Euros (Veru Konrad?). If you put this aside, both political party’s main priorities are pretty much the same. That means that most of the floaters, float their vote to the highest bidder. Others. and with these I sympathise, empathise and will strive to make their life better; would have shifted to the other party because they were hurt for one reason or another.

Let’s go back to whoring your vote to the highest bidder. The Labour Party was able to control people’s feelings for a long time when it came to the utility bills, however now Labour is pinching these vote swinging people (and all of us mere mortals too, but Labour won’t give a flying beep about their loyal supporters or the loyal PN supporters because they’re all there to stay) in that very same spot that got them the vote in the first place. Their pocket!

5 years down the line people are now complaining. Families are feeling the pinch of increased utility bills and due to this they are now, rightly so, complaining. The tide is finally shifting. Where prior to today we have gotten used to living in a world where no Labour Party voter complains against anything that their government does, these people are now complaining.

Here’s the proof of all this. The avalanche might have finally started to roll down that slippery slope……