Konrad Mizzi & Keith Schembri Should Be Removed and Brought To Justice – European Parliament Mission to Malta Report

“Persons perceived to be implicated in serious acts of corruption and money laundering, as a result of Panama Papers revelations and FIAU reports, should not be kept in public office and must be swiftly and formally investigated and brought to justice. Keeping them in office affects the credibility of the Government, fuels the perception of impunity and may result in further damage to State interests by enabling the continuation of criminal activity.” – European Parliament Mission to Malta Report

This was the very first recommendation of the European Parliament Mission Report to Malta.

The European Parliament Mission Report has also called for a change in method for appointment of the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General. The Report was published today by the MEPs that formed part of the delegation to Malta, led by Socialist Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes.

The report also recommends that “Work is needed to ensure stronger checks and balances in the Maltese legislative framework to better separate powers and to limit possible interference of the Prime Minister in the judiciary and the media; an assessment of media pluralism and independence from political power should be conducted.”

As was suggested in the last few days; the reports also recommends amendment in the Whistleblower Act; “The Whistleblower Protection Act should be revised to cover workers in the public sector. Mr Ferris should be granted police protection and serious consideration should be given to his application for protection under the Whistleblower Protection Act”

Read the full European Parliament – Mission Report report here.

The EPP immediately released a press release about this which can be read here.