Joseph Muscat Will Not Take Action Following MEP’s Report

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat dismissed the MEP’s report calling for Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi to be removed from their positions in order to face justice. He said that the MEP’s had decided what they wanted to write before they came to Malta.

Published yesterday, the European Parliament report called on politicians perceived to be implicated in “serious acts of corruption and money laundering” linked to the Panama Papers to be removed from public office.

When he was questions whether he would take on the recommendation to sack those named in the Panama Papers, Dr Muscat said simply “we take our decisions” – implying he would not be told who to fire by Brussels.

“I disagree with the analysis [in the report], I still respect it, and I met with the delegation. But I think that most of the things they wrote in the report were basically decided beforehand,” he told Times of Malta on the steps on the Auberge de Castille.

The question that everyone is asking is this “Why is Joseph Muscat afraid of removing Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri? How will it impact him if he does?”

Dr Muscat was more interested to talk about the Egrant whistleblower.  He said; “What really caught my eye was that the so called whistleblower is saying she wasn’t the source of the information – that for me was quite interesting reading,”

It was than pointed out that the report could be suggesting that another source could exist to back up what the Russian had said, Dr Muscat said: “I think people will think there is no source.”

Why is the Prime Minister not protecting our reputation? – Delia  

PN Leader Adrian Delia said he could not understand why the Prime Minister refused to act to stop the harm to Malta’s reputation. “My biggest concern is that the government knows that our reputation is being harmed, but it is persisting down this path… Why won’t the Prime Minister take a wise and simple decision, based on facts not speculation?” he asked.

Adrian Delia was very convincing and passionate when he explained that it’s time that it’s the normal thing, the just thing, that when someone is under investigation he shouldn’t occupy any public office.

“Let’s do the correct thing. People under investigation should not occupy public office until those investigations are concluded.”