Guess who’s interviewing Air Malta employees? – The Minister’s daddy himself!

It would have been laughable if it wasn’t true. In the most democratic and meritocratic manner possible, Konrad Mizzi’s father is interviewing and selecting Air Malta employees wishing to find alternative employment within the public sector.

The Times of Malta are reporting that Lawrence Mizzi, who has been appointed by this government as chairman of Resources Support and Services Limited (RSSL) – is personally interviewing Air Malta employees and telling them of vacancies in government departments.

When Lawerence was questioned about this, in pure disbelieve he replied that “It is true that I am interviewing Air Malta employees to find them alternative jobs with the government. However, no one told me that I might have a conflict of interest,”

Is this guy for real? All you need is just two working brain cells to realise that this is purely incestual nepotism at its worst. His son is the Minister responsible of the very same airline and he’s interviewing people in order to find them alternative employment with the government; how much more of a conflict of interest can it be?

To confirm how wrong, unprofessional and uncomfortable this is a number of Air Malta employees expressed concern with the Times of Malta about the awkward situation. “I was shocked to find the minister’s father asking me questions about my job at the airline,” an Air Malta employee said. “I didn’t even feel at ease replying to questions as I couldn’t even criticise my employer in the presence of the minister’s father. This apart from having colleagues who went first to speak to the minister before attending the interview with his father,” another employee said.

…. Once again this confirms that we really aren’t living in a normal country!!!