Dr Adrian Delia – The Leader that listens!

Today is a proud day for Partit Nazzjonalista. A proud day because our leader, Dr. Adrian Delia announced that he listened to the people’s feedback and confirmed that instead of amending the law for MP’s pensions, he will instead priorities the people’s pensions. This is what a good leader does. He listens and ultimately acts on the people’s best interests.

5 days ago I was one of the very first PN’s exponents to speak against the party’s stand to vote in favour of amending the law that regulates MP’s pensions. Not because I want to discriminate between a one term MP and a multiple term MP, but because I felt that we needed focus our energy, effort and interests to those that politicians should be serving; the people.

When I wrote that article I never expected that it will be shared 90 times just on Facebook, however after a while I started receiving telephone calls from various people. Some congratulating me for having the courage to speak my mind even if it wasn’t according to the party line; something which in all fairness was never my intention, others to explain the party’s reasoning; a thing which I really appreciated, and others that weren’t that happy because this was going to impact them financially.

Nonetheless, I’m very happy that Dr. Adrian Delia listened to what the people were saying and he is now ensuring that before any changes are done to the law that regulates MP’s pensions, he’s going to be prioritizing the people’s pensions. This is what a leader does! Well done Dr. Delia.

Please follow Dr. Delia’s press conference from earlier today that explains his point of view in more detail here;

UPDATE: The Government confirms that he is WITHDRAWING the plans to change the law following Adrian Delia’s statement.