Controversial van that ridicules metal health patients

Nadur Carnival is famous for its spontaneity and for creating a controversy every now and again. This year it hasn’t been any different. A van that appeared at the carnival this year created a controversy on social media. This van had signs written of it that ridiculed mental health patients such as ‘Mount Carmel Taxi’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Sick people’.

People’s reaction on Facebook was divided among some saying that this behaviour is disgusting while others saying that it’s the carnival, and no one should be offended by such things.

My personal view of this is that I can never condone it. This is wrong and vulnerable people should be protected and not ridiculed. However having said that I’m strongly against censorship of any kind. Due to that, my thoughts about this van is that in order to ensure that we don’t see similar despicable things in the future we need to raise awareness and educate each other. Education is key here. Education will teach us not to ridicule the vulnerable but to care and help them.

Am I disappointed about this van? Yes I am. Am I surprised about it? Definitely not.