UPDATED – Keith Schembri shows up for Muscat’s meeting with MEPS

UPDATED: Prime Minister Joseph Muscat met with a European Parliament delegation this morning, with his chief of staff Keith Schembri and Justice Minister Owen Bonnici sitting by his side.

Mr Schembri’s presence at the Castille meeting comes following intense pressure for him to meet with the MEP delegation and answer their questions, with European parliamentarians reportedly keen to quiz him about his Panama Papers links as well as reports by the government’s anti-money laundering agency.

A spokesman at the Office of the Prime Minister told Times of Malta that Dr Muscat, Dr Bonnici and Mr Schembri were there to answer any questions MEPs might have.

The MEP delegation’s original schedule had listed three separate meetings with Dr Muscat, Dr Bonnici and Mr Schembri.


Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff refused to attend a meeting with the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee

The meting that was supposed to start at 8.30am however Keith Schembri didn’t show up and he also left journalists waiting without any prior announcement. This was the 2nd time that Keith Schembri refused to meet members of the European Parliament. The first time was the meeting with the PANA committee that were in Malta to investigate the Panama Papers scandal.

What is Keith Schembri scared of? Why didn’t Joseph Muscat ask him to attend?

The situation is desperate indeed.