Bloomberg uses Malta’s Passport Selling Scheme To Expose Vladimir Putin’s Worries

American giants Bloomberg, one of the worlds most important financially focused media houses around the world today used Malta’s Passport selling scheme to expose Russian President Vladimir Putin’s worries about ever increasing number of Russia’s elite that are opting to buy our passports.

In the article it says; “Despite growing hostility between Russia and the West, President Vladimir Putin clearly hasn’t succeeded in convincing the Russian business community that it should be more patriotic. The list of new citizens of Malta, published by the island nation’s government, has enough well-known Russian names to drive home an uncomfortable truth for the Kremlin: The Russian elite doesn’t feel attached to Putin’s besieged fortress project.”

It continues to say “Malta’s so-called Individual Investor Program allows a non-resident foreigner to essentially buy citizenship in the European Union….. It’s a family-friendly offer: Spouses and children pay no more than 50,000 euros each. This deal is not offered by any other EU state.” Clearly exposing the dangers of the scheme since whoever buys a Maltese passport is in fact buying a European passport with all the visa allowances that comes with it.

The article continues to say that; “Malta refuses to publish a separate list of passport buyers, but it names all new citizens — regardless of how they attained the status — in its official newspaper. The 2016 list, includes a Saudi sheikh arrested in the recent purge, Pakistani tycoons and an Azerbaijani banker. Also, dozens of Russians.”

The scope of the article is to highlight the fact that Russia’s wealthiest are not comfortable in trusting their money in Putin’s Russia however they’re not exactly leaving the country for good; “They’re not emigrating, and their Russian business interests will prevent them from expressing open disloyalty to the Kremlin. But they are unwilling to put all their eggs in Putin’s basket, which is a source of constant annoyance for him.”

Definitely not positive for our country’s reputation however at least we have Toni Zarb telling BBC to back off…..

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