About Us

Hi everyone! We’re a young (well, I love to think that) married couple, Alan & Tiffany, and we got married on the 4th of September 2016. We have a few similar interests in life and we think that that is the best thing that we could have asked for in life as that will surely keep us interested and entertained!

Some of these similar interests are definitely travelling, food, movies and politics. We must insist that it’s clearly not always in that order. There comes a time when one is more important than the other and I’m sure that one will understand as time goes by.

Together we decided to start this blog so that we can share our travels, our suggestions about amazing resturants which we might discover and also to discuss politics. More often than no it will be Alan that will talk politics however do not underestimate Tiffany’s tact for a strong female’s perspective.  She got some amazing ideas!

So, without further ado, here’s our short profiles hereunder:


Born on the 18th September 1988, Tiffany grew up in Zabbar, Malta. Tiffany’s main passion in life are two. Travelling and eating sushi! Tiffany had the opportunity on travelling quite substantially across Europe in her teens and upon becoming an adult she has always made it a point to visit the United States as often as possible. Tiffany visited the US multiple times and have experience the wonders of this beautiful country from the East Coast to the West Coast. Together with Alan, Tiffany has also travelled to Japan in the far East. As explained before, Tiffany loves Sushi! She can easily gives you the pros and cons of any sushi restaurant in Malta and she can probably also write a professional review about each one. (thinking about it, that’s a really good idea for future blogs!). Thanks to Tiffany’s passion for Sushi Tiffany and Alan always makes it a point to visit as many Sushi restaurants as possible each and every time they travel together.


Alan was born on the 15th of March 1987. He grew up and lived all his life in Msida. He’s an avid Manchester United supporter, loves to travel the world, have an appetite (a big one unfortunately) for good food, good wine and just like Tiffany, loves politics. Alan is also a local councillor in Msida and has recently ran for the General Election in Malta.  Alan’s main goal in life is to always learn something new and to try his best to improve people’s lives in general. Those are the two main things that make Alan tick.

In order to get in touch with us you can contact us either by commenting down below, or else by sending us an email on team@abela-wadge.com. If you prefer to contact us personally rather than together, please feel free to contact us either on tiffany@abela-wadge.com or else at alan@abela-wadge.com.


Alan & Tiffany